Can Gold Reach The $1,500 Mark In 2018?

It’s finally happening, mainstream economic players and investors in the world like Goldman Sachs have gone bullish on gold. They aren’t the only ones. More investors and money managers think that gold might break through and hit that magical $1,500 per ounce mark. As things stand, that mark is based on more than just hope […]

Can Bitcoin Replace Gold?

Anyone who has studied or follows economics has heard of John Maynard Keynes. There is a lot that he has said about gold and most of it is not good. He famously called it a “barbarous relic.” But for a while, this relic was the standard go-to assets to hedge against economic uncertainty. Regardless of […]

What Drove Gold Prices in 2017

Last year, the price of gold stood at $1,156 on the 31st of December. Today, the price is inching towards the $1,300 mark. Gold gained about13% in 2017, the best it has done since 2010. There were a couple of things that were in the way but despite those headwinds, gold has performed remarkably well. […]

The gold market’s strongest months – preparing for the seasonal surge in gold prices

The markets have been jittery over the last couple of months. It would seem that the price of gold hasn’t quite settled. Global markets have been taking heavy knocks as the U.S. European and Asian markets showing loses in the last couple of weeks. The economic trade war with China, Russia’s meddling, Trumps Tweets and […]