The gold market’s strongest months – preparing for the seasonal surge in gold prices

The markets have been jittery over the last couple of months. It would seem that the price of gold hasn’t quite settled. Global markets have been taking heavy knocks as the U.S. European and Asian markets showing loses in the last couple of weeks. The economic trade war with China, Russia’s meddling, Trumps Tweets and […]

China Demands on Gold and Other Metals Will Change Dynamically

After a tough year for the Chinese economy, politicians seems to have a clearer panorama for upcoming seasons. While this country remains as the biggest gold buyers in the world, indicators could be changing due to the influence of local industries. A recent announcement from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that […]

Golden Risks

Although gold investments can be regarded as one of the most tempting venues for investors to venture into with an aim to bump up their investment returns with a commodity that is largely considered safe, it is not exactly as solid and sure as most people think it is. As a matter of fact, gold […]