About Us

The Ultimate Gold Trust provides gold bullion and gold industry related advice to assist individuals in choices in order to build up their own trust funds using precious metals as part or all of their investment portfolio.

With rapid inflation in the last decade, many believe that we are not far off another global financial crisis, and as such choose to move their investments away from cash for gold.

Gold buyers have historically been at a major advantage with the gold price returning good increases in value which is closely aligned with the worlds inflation rate over the last 50 years.

In fact, those who chose to buy gold at the end of the USA gold standard would have not only protected the buying power of their wealth at the time, but also made a good return on investment over the initial investment when they choose to sell gold in the current day.

While gold stocks have been mixed, physical gold and the gold price has always maintained a large degree of parity with the rising cost of living, inflation and consumer price indexes, making it an extremely attractive investment for around 30% of any financial trusts portfolio.

At the same time, more higher risk investment in areas such as gold mining stocks, with minimal outlay can leverage the returns from gold even further.

On this website, you will find articles related to these topics mentioned above, we hope our advice assists you to choose precious metals as a part of your trust’s investment portfolio into the future.