The Bullion Secret

Although there are banks that are honest about their gold bullion reserves, there are some who are not only secretive about their bullion reserves, but misreport it. It is a common fact that most central banks keep the actual amount of gold reserves a secret, some are even believed to not have any and the US Fed is one of them, and the incident with Germany wanting their gold bullion bank and the US central bank being unable to deliver (citing transportation as the problem – while they sent people to the moon without much problems) – the issue only got bigger.

Some banks are more tactical about the amount of gold bullion reserves that they have and they usually cite that it is against bank policy to divulge such information, while other banks beat around the bush with some just ignoring the question entirely. So, the question that needs to be asked here is – WHY? Why are these central banks so secretive about how much gold they have? The answer is actually very basic, if a central bank does not have sufficient gold reserve, what is their money backed up with? Thus, if a central bank declares that it has very little gold, the value of that banks domestic currency falters as in, people lose confidence in it despite the fact that the gold standard has long been abolished.

The fact that these central banks are expecting the gold standard to return in the near future is almost undeniable. The fact that most countries are printing money with anything to back up their currencies is the core of the problem. If we were to take a gram of gold for every 100 units of paper money for any given nation, the stark truth is that these countries would have dispose of more than half of their printed money or reduce its value according to how much gold they have. This was the primary reason that the US was the first country to divorce the gold standard, it was simple because they did not have enough gold reserves to back their currency up based on the pegged value at that time.

Gold bullion is fundamental to currency systems or the world’s financial system risks collapsing under its own weight. The current situation attests to that fact as we may observe the volatile conditions of the current financial systems. This situation cannot go on as money has become meaningless and a false economic environment has enveloped the world, an environment that advocates a financial system that is practically meaningless. The prices of gold that are based on the dollar is currently at what most people are ‘believing’ to be the ‘real value of gold’ when in actual fact, gold is gravely undervalued, if we were to take the amount of currency that is in circulation. So for those of you who would like to secure your future, your best bet is to buy physical gold or silver bullion and keep them safe until the time comes.

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