Vaulted Bullion

To invest in bullion for those who are not too familiar with the gold bullion investment industry, the best approach towards it is by first looking at the amount of money you have decided to invest on gold bullion. If you have saved up a significant amount of money and decide to buy gold bullion with all of it, it is not advisable. The best is to diversify your savings by perhaps allocating 30 % of your saving towards gold bullion in the form of gold bars, P.A.M.P gold or even gold coins. The best however would be gold bars weighing a gram or so. On the other hand if you do not have savings, you may opt to establish a relationship with a gold bullion trader who is reputable and buy gold on instalments if it is possible, otherwise its best to save up enough to buy the smallest gold bullion denomination usually P.A.M.P or gold coins from prestigious mints such as the Perth Mint or the Royal Canadian Mint.

The reason behind why it is always good to buy gold in smaller denominations is that it’s simply easier to sell in comparison to larger bars as people may not have the sufficient funds to buy the bigger and heavier bars at fair value. However, the only or the biggest problem that people have about keeping physical gold bullion is storage, if one was to keep it in a storage facility that provides security and insurance the cost could be high enough to an extent that it may offset whatever profit that could be made from the gold bullion in the future. The best option is to insure the bullion on the premise where you could buy a good heavy safe that is reliable enough for insurers to insure your safe – this off course is when the amount of gold that you have reaches a significant amount. If at all the total gold you have is below 100 grams, then the best place to store it would be in the closet where it is well hidden.

Buying gold is the best way to prepare for economic downtrends which according to many economists is just around the bend. The current political situation around the world and the building tensions between nations might just fracture and cause all hell to break loose. If at all that was to happen the safest money at that point of time would be none other than gold and silver as paper money would become almost valueless. The fact that oil prices have dropped dramatically coupled with China’s slowing economy that is dragging all trading partners along with it plus the economic sanction on Russia and the turmoil in Syria have all come to an incredible stress point that is difficult to predict.

Thus, if you are thinking about investing in something that could help you ride out the storm, it would be gold bullion. The more gold you possess in small denomination during times like these, the better off you would be.